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Include beach photography in your portfolio

Beach is one place that brings peace to mind. Beach photography can also be fun if done at the right time. You can click a different type of beach photography at different hours of the day. You can capture the beauty of the beach either at busy hours or when the beach has no visitors. To capture the beauty of the beach lookout for the perfect time, light and weather. Understand beach photography incompletion through

Tips for getting a perfect shot of the beach

  • Avoid crowds: If you wish to capture the beach in its full glory avoid clicking pictures of the beach in the crowd. Visiting the beach at the busy hours will render you from capturing the beauty of the beach.
  • Capture details: Beach is one of the most beautiful places with many interesting sites. It is a blessing if you can capture the details of the beach in your camera. Try clicking pictures of shells, water waves, footprints, etc.
  • Click silhouette: One of the best places to take backlight photos is the beach. Silhouette adds a dramatic effect to your backlight beach photos.

When should you click the beach pictures?

  • Blue hour: the Blue hour is the time before the sun rises or the time just after the sun sets. At such time the sky has blue shades. It gives your picture a blue tone effect without the use of a density filter.
  • Sunrise: Sunrise is one such time that gives the beach a warm tone. It creates a very elegant and dreamy atmosphere for the beach. When the sun rises, the beach reflects all the radiant colors of the sun.
  • Golden hour: It is the time when the sun is at the verge of setting. The sky has a hazy and golden color effect which radiates perfectly on the world. It is the perfect time for capturing the pictures of the silhouette.

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